Suddenly, it starts to look like a baby!

While seeing the first ultrasounds were exciting, there wasn’t really much to see, even to the most imaginative and enthusiastic new father. It’s basically just a peanut-shaped blob.

No, like I said earlier, it’s the middle ultrasounds that are the most exciting, where the baby finally begins to look like a baby. It finally begins to get some human-looking characteristics, although it still looks remarkably more like an alien than a human. And nothing brought that home more than seeing our baby in 3D.

Finally starting to looking like a real baby

Finally starting to looking like a real baby

Amazing what technology can do today.

Amazing what technology can do today.

We got some other exciting news at the scan.

They say nothing is sure in life except death and taxes.

At one of our previous scans, the doctor asked us if we wanted to know the sex.

“Yes,” we said, in unison.

“It’s a little early to tell, but I think you’re having a little boy.”

So in my head, I’d been planning for a little boy. We had started working through names, trying to find something that would work equally-well in English as in French. I was content, happy that there’d be someone to pass along my collection of old Matchbox cars…

It turns out that the over-enthusiastic junior doctor who did an earlier scan and told us that she suspected we were having a boy might have been a little premature in her evaluation. It turns out that we’re not expecting a Peanut, we’re expecting a Peanette. (And yes, they had a second doctor take a look, just to be sure!)