As I dressed Juliette this evening after her bath, I found myself wondering what the clothing designer was thinking when they came up with these trousers.

What’s a one-month old going to do with pockets? Even if they had something to carry around, which they don’t, they couldn’t retrieve it even if they wanted to, as they don’t have the dexterity. This is a one-way ticket to Frustrationsville.

What do you keep in your pockets if you're one month old?

What do you keep in your pockets if you’re one month old?

Daddy’s home!

Today was another afternoon of parental leave for Dad, so he got to spend some time at home with the baby.

Juliette is beginning to turn around her days and nights, much to her parents’ relief. We’ve had two nights in a row where she has gone to sleep around 11pm and slept until 8-9am, only waking for feeding and then going back to sleep.

She tried out her new activity mat today, and seemed pretty interested by the lights and music. Then some time in the swing chair, and finally a little nap to recharge her little over-excited batteries. What a life!

Lions and tigers and bears... oh my!

Lions and tigers and bears… oh my!

Pretty good way to spend the afternoon.

Pretty good way to spend the afternoon.

A little nap in the swing chair to chill out after getting a little over-exciting with all the new action

A little nap in the swing chair to chill out after getting a little over-exciting with all the new action

I love Daddy!

All dressed up and ready to brave the cold weather for a short walk outside.

She’s in a good mood, quiet and well-behaved, which is why she’s using her ‘I love Daddy’ pacifier. When she’s fussy, needs changing, or wants attention at 3am, I made sure that she’s got her ‘I love Mummy’ pacifier so there’s no confusion about who’s responsible for rectifying the situation. 🙂

Juliette's got her 'on-good-behavior' pacifier in.

Juliette’s got her ‘on-good-behavior’ pacifier in.

Look who’s awake!

After two ‘nuits blanches’ (or ‘sleepless nights’) in a row, it was a real relief that Juliette decided to sleep through the night last night with nothing more than a few brief pauses to feed every few hours. She seems to have her days-and-nights backwards, and we are doing our best to rectify this.

After a good sleep last night, she has been awake all morning and afternoon today. We’re crossing our fingers that this means she’ll sleep well again tonight. I don’t know if she needs the rest, but Mom & Dad certainly do.

Wide awake and enjoying the daytime.  Just like her parents want her to...

Wide awake and enjoying the daytime. Just like her parents want her to…

Swiss bank account

Only a month old, and already Juliette has a Swiss bank account. The Swiss government has very generously given her a little seed money to get it started. You know what they say — it’s not a good idea to store your gold ingots under your crib.

"Dad, I've been over your tax return a dozen times, and I still can't make heads-nor-tails of it.  Are you sure that diapers are fully deductible?"

“Dad, I’ve been over your tax return a dozen times, and I still can’t make heads-nor-tails of it. Are you sure that diapers are fully deductible?”

Thanks Aina & Ivo!

Juliette wants to say a big thank you to her Aunt Aina and Uncle Ivo for her lovely new dress, a wonderful surprise to celebrate her one-month ‘birthday’. After several days of wearing hand-me-downs from the boys, she’s delighted to be showing her feminine side again.

Looking pretty in her new dress!

Looking pretty in her new dress!

Big girl

We’ve already got suspicions that Juliette is going to be tall. When she was still in the womb, the doctor commented on how big her feet are. And bless her, when she was born, she came out looking a little like a golf club — long, skinny body and big feet.

This is borne out as we dress her each day. The clothes just about fit, but in many of the outfits, the feet are just too small. Our daughter’s sporting gunboats.

Aude sent me a copy of the standard growth charts for babies today, after Juliette’s one-month check. Sure enough, at 57cm, she’s more than two deviations away from the average (or, roughly, in the top 5%).

Someone's been drinking her milk!

Someone’s been drinking her milk!

Getting bigger

To mark her one-month birthday, Juliette had her second check-up at the doctor today. She weighed 4.6 kilos and is 57cm tall, which probably explains why we’ve been having to shoehorn her into her 54cm baby clothes.

Luckily, most of the clothes that we have for the early days are hand-me-downs (see yesterday’s photo of Juliette cross-dressing in her little boy’s romper suit), because they grow so quickly at this stage that each outfit only gets worn a handful of times before being outgrown. Not that they don’t get the same wear-and-tear as normal clothes — between baby spit-up, leaking diapers, and all of the other ways babies dirty themselves, the average baby outfit is probably laundered as many times in a month as normal clothes are in a year.

Visiting the doctor is always an eye-opening experience. Every time you go, you wonder how anyone managed to raise children in previous generations without killing them.

When I was growing up, the standard advice was to put your baby on its belly to sleep. These days, you’ll be accused of child endangerment if you do this — babies should be put on their backs to sleep.

We mentioned that we used some baby powder on our daughter’s backside to help prevent diaper rash. From the look on the doctor’s face, you’d have thought we just announced that we used turpitine for cleaning the baby instead of baby-wipes.

“Talc is very dangerous,” explained the doctor, “because it can get into the lungs.” In parallel, I searched the far reaches of my mind to think of all the talc-related horror stories I’d heard growing up. Nope, none.

“Except for the belly button. You can use talc on that,” said the doctor. So it’s okay on the belly button, but not on the bottom. Got that?

And alcohol on the belly button? Or antiseptic? Both of which are the standard recommendations in the US for newborns. Verboten in Switzerland (although I suspect that it’s only verboten because Weleda doesn’t manufacture antiseptic).

Our next doctor’s visit is the start of the vaccination schedule. If you think people have strong views about talc, just ask them about vaccination…