A new pink dress from Daddy

uomo cerca donna Cava de Tirreni Daddy went shopping for baby clothes, buying plenty of stuff in the 3-6m size range so that Juliette would have something to grow into in a few months. Well, unfortunately Juliette is growing ahead of the curve and is ready to wear her new clothes already, at just two months. Still, she looked so cute that we had to snap a few photos of her in her new outfit.

"Could I be any cuter?"

uomo cerca donna Pistoia “Could I be any cuter?”

Juliette's captivated by her butterfly mobile

coppia cerca donna Verona Juliette’s captivated by her butterfly mobile

Straight out of the bath and into her nice new ensemble

coppia cerca donna Verona Straight out of the bath and into her nice new ensemble

donna cerca uomo Trapani * Editor’s note: Lest anyone is looking at the pictures over the past few months and thinking that Dad has assumed the white-trash-tee-shirt-24-7 look, he would like to point out in his defense that photo time usually follows bathtime. And if you’ve ever given a wriggling baby a bath, it’s best not to be dressed in anything you want to stay dry.

We’ll introduce Juliette to her redneck side soon enough…

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