Juliette a fait sa nuit!

uomo cerca uomo Ravenna Yesterday was really a day of milestones. It was Juliette’s two-month birthday, which was a milestone in itself. But as parents, the more important one came this morning.

uomo cerca donna SantElena Dad is usually up-and-gone before Juliette and Mom are awake. So he was very surprised to find that they were both downstairs and playing when he stepped out of the shower.

coppia cerca uomo Cagliari Rather than being a picture of a blissful family passing their morning together, the sight of Mom before morning coffee usually means that it’s been a tough night. Juliette was very fussy last night and it took two attempts and nearly an hour-and-a-half to get her to go down. But when she was finally down, she was really down.

donna cerca uomo Moncalieri “Elle a fait sa nuit!” exclaimed a very cheerful looking Aude.

donna cerca uomo Reggio nellEmilia In English, we don’t really have an expression for faire ses nuits, which literally means ‘does her nights’. But this is an important right of passage in France, and anxious mothers will compare their little darlings, always asking if little Junior does her nights — meaning sleeping through the night.

And Juliette crossed that threshold last night. She fed at 10:30pm, then slept straight through until nearly 7am. As always, it’s too early to declare victory. But it does show us just a hint of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Vaccinations start tomorrow. I suspect the light at the end of the tunnel will have to wait. The next few days are liable to be a bumpy ride.

One very excited Facebook update from one very excited Maman!

One very excited Facebook update from one very excited Maman!

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