Shopping trip

casino oyunları bedava slot Living in Switzerland changes your perspective on things. When you have a child in France, the first thing you do is think to yourself “tax break!” By the time you have four kids, you’re pretty much not paying any income tax at all in the French system. In Switzerland, the tax advantages of having a child are more limited. There’s a small reduction in income tax, but it isn’t very much.

click No, the biggest advantage of having kids in Switzerland is that they get the same duty free allowance as adults. Which means that when we throw Juliette in the shopping basket, she’s also entitled to ration of 500g of red meat. Red meat is a protected industry in Switzerland, and the prices reflect this. Kilo-for-kilo, I think it’s cheaper to buy Rolex watches than steak. So we head across the border and import French or German meat, 500g at a time. Except now, we get an extra 500g. Which means that I only have to shop twice a week. Which, with a new baby, is the real blessing. 🙂

Our first big shopping trip as a family!

slot oyunlar indir apk Our first big shopping trip as a family!

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