Aunt Liher came to visit on Monday and Tuesday while Dad was away on his business trip.

uomo cerca donna Olbia

Avec ma tata Liher : "muy hermosa"

uomo cerca donna Quartu With my Aunt Liher: “muy hermosa”

donna cerca uomo Basilicata They got on well together right way. Aunt Liher gave Juliette a wonderful quilt that she had sewn especially with fabric from Liberty. And as she rocked Juliette, she taught her some important words in Spanish: “Hermosa” and “mi amor”. She even called Uncle Jerome and said that Juliette was a model baby and that the bar was very high for a future cousin.

uomo cerca donna Asti It all started to fall apart when Aunt Liher tried to slip Juliette into her luggage and take her back to Annecy, but luckily Mom didn’t agree to this plan. Juliette escaped her first kidnapping attempt!

coppia cerca uomo Firenze

Mon plaid liberty

My new Liberty quilt