Splashing around

We were so excited about Juliette’s crawling video yesterday that we didn’t have time to finish compiling the video of her other main activity yesterday — splashing around in her giant yellow duck and trying to stay cool in the 40C weather.

Look who’s crawling!

You never quite know when the baby milestones are going to happen. Juliette had learned to roll side-to-side and was making small strides towards pushing herself backwards, but we hadn’t seen any signs or evidence of forward motion. Until today.

Juliette decided that today was the day to begin crawling. Like everything in life, all she needed was the right motivation — in this case, 40C/104F temperatures and a cup of sorbet.

Splashing around

The thermometer hit 40C today (that’s 104F) and, this being Europe, we don’t have air conditioning. The house is just about tolerable, with temperatures around 28C (82F) inside, but there’s no denying it — it’s hot and sticky and not much fun.

So we didn’t need much of an excuse to drag Juliette’s inflatable duck out onto the porch, fill it up with some cold water, and let her splash to her heart’s content. She thought it was a wonderful idea.

The "coolest" kid on the block

The “coolest” kid on the block

Still healthy

Today was Juliette’s day at home with Mom, and she seems as happy and healthy as ever. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that we’ve dodged the bullet, at least this time around.

"Honestly!  I've never heard such a fuss over a pimple."

“Honestly! I’ve never heard such a fuss over a pimple.”

Day two…

Day two of the hand-foot-and-mouth outbreak at the daycare. So far, it looks like Juliette has managed to avoid catching the bug that’s going around. But like every first-time parent, Dad is now on hyper-alert. Two little bumps on Juliette’s first and third finger? The start of hand-foot-and-mouth? Or just a normal heat rash?

(For those following along at home, the likely response is ‘normal heat rash’. Apparently the kids who get hand-foot-and-mouth develop hundreds of the red bumps/spots within 24 hours — there’ll be no uncertainty if Juliette catches it)

Dr. Dad tries to make a diagnosis.

Dr. Dad tries to make a diagnosis.

Quiet at the daycare

So far, Juliette seems to have avoided catching the dreaded hand-foot-and-mouth disease, but the kids are dropping like flies at the daycare center. This morning, there were only two other kids in Juliette’s group (as opposed to the eight that are normally there) and overall, 12 kids have now caught the illness. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that, with all the kids at home recovering, her chances of catching it are now pretty small…

Hand, foot and mouth?

‘Hand, Foot and Mouth’ disease is the virus-du-jour at the daycare center. Several kids had it a week or two ago, and this week four kids in Juliette’s group have managed to catch it.

Nothing inspires fear in the minds of a parent than catching the latest bug. Don’t get me wrong, hand-foot-and-mouth is relatively minor as illnesses go, more of an inconvenience than anything else. But you’re on tenterhooks, waiting to see if your little one will catch the latest malady.

Juliette’s fever from last night was gone this morning, but for the past two days she’s been developing a little pimple on her chin. Most likely, this is irritation from her pacifier and drool as she begins to teeth… but it could also be the first sign of hand-foot-and-mouth. Likewise, she has a tiny little spot on the ball of her foot.

These things come and go, and they’re normally innocuous enough. But now every little spec gets the careful scrutiny to see if it might not be something less benign.

In any case, the daycare assure me that if she’s caught it, we’ll know in the next 24 hours as it develops rapidly. We won’t be looking at two spots and having to guess — there’ll be 50 of them, and the diagnosis will be clear.

Here’s hoping for pimples!

Is it just a pimple on her chin from a combination of drool and a pacifier?

Is it just a pimple on her chin from a combination of drool and a pacifier?

A tiny spot on the ball of her foot -- a sign of things to come?

A tiny spot on the ball of her foot — a sign of things to come?

A hot day

The weather has turned warm and summery, and yesterday was no exception, with temperatures brushing 35C. It was the perfect opportunity to go down to the swimming pool to cool off.

Whether it was spending the day in the sun, some new teeth coming in, or perhaps the latest virus going around the daycare, Juliette managed to run a mild fever most of the evening last night. Which basically left her pooped.

Juliette pretty much passed out in the warm sunshine.

Juliette pretty much passed out in the warm sunshine.

Sound asleep

Sound asleep

Juliette wasn't the only one who was hot...

Juliette wasn’t the only one who was hot…

Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror upon the wall, Who is the fairest of all?”
The mirror answered, “Thou, O Baby, art the fairest of all…”

Checking herself out...

Checking herself out…

"What do you think, Dad?"

“What do you think, Dad?”

Happy baby!

Happy baby!