What it is, is beautiful

Dad was passing through the grocery store when something caught his eye — a set of giant Lego bricks that would be perfect for Juliette. (Confession: they aren’t genuine Lego as Juliette’s not quite old enough for Duplo yet, but the principle is the same). When Dad was a youngster, and right up until he was in his early teens, there was nothing to beat Lego. His parents spent a fortune on them over the years, but the hours of peace-and-quiet must have been worth every penny.

It also made Dad think of the wonderful 1981 ad that Lego produced, showing that Legos were a toy for boys and girls — the only barriers were the limits of their creativity. It’s interesting to read what Rachel Giordano, the girl in the original ad, has to say thirty-five years later

Juliette got started straight away and was building things with almost no help from Dad at all. Towers are her favorite — put them up, knock them down, put them up again. We played with them for almost an hour, which is unheard of for a young baby whose attention span usually lasts about…hey, what’s that?

So, another vote for gender-neutral toys that lets kids use their imagination and creativity. It keep’s them quiet much longer than something pink and sparkly. Which is reason enough…

33 years after the original ad, kids love Legos just as much as they ever did.  Juliette loves building towers most of all.

33 years after the original ad, kids love Legos just as much as they ever did. Juliette loves building towers most of all.

Lego's original ad, from 1981

Lego’s original ad, from 1981

Zoom, zoom

Now that Juliette has learned to walk, she’s trying every mode of transportation available to her. One of her favorites is her car.

Juliette's discovered a great way to scoot around

Juliette’s discovered a great way to scoot around

Sure is fun!

Sure is fun!

Tentative first steps

Well, she might be pooped, but Juliette has discovered her feet and she isn’t going to let a little cold hold her back. (And Dad finally discovered how to use the video feature on his iPhone — it’s baby steps for both of us)

Unlike the last two days, where Mom and Dad had to ‘encourage’ her to go solo, today she decided on her own to leave the walker behind and explore the room on her own two feet.

Cold and a fever

Poor Juliette’s had a sore throat and a fever for four days now, and making matters worse is the fact that Dad is also suffering from a cold and Mom is on a business trip.

So, for the past two days, Dad has been working from home (or doing as much work as you can, while simultaneously entertaining a cranky, uncomfortable baby all day). It’s low-key activities and, despite our normal no-TV rules around the house, quite a lot of CBeebies.

Nevertheless, Juliette’s pooped.

It's no fun being sick.

It’s no fun being sick.

Baby steps

Juliette has been making ‘lunges’ over the past few days — a few headlong steps towards a target, but her head would always get ahead of her feet. She’d topple forward into someone’s outstretched arms, but it was more a matter of luck than skill where she ended up.

We noticed over the past few days that she seemed to find her balance when she was stationary.

And then today, it all came together. Dad raced to grab his new iPhone to capture the moment, but he’s still struggling with the new technology. Instead of five videos of Juliette walking around the living room by herself, he managed to shoot five videos of his own feet and the inside of his pocket. Try harder, Dad.

She was a little more tired in the afternoon when Dad pulled out his other camera, and her walking wasn’t quite as accomplished as it was in the morning, but I think it still counts. February 2, 2014 was the day that Juliette, at 13 months, took her first proper steps alone.