Thanks Karl & Anke!

It took 15 months, but Uncle Karl and Aunt Anke have finally met Juliette in person instead of just following her on the blog. And Juliette was delighted to meet them. She loved her toy duck, but she was even more excited this morning when she discovered that there were two more presents in the bag that she hadn’t seen the night before.

On a side note, Dad has been to some wild parties in his past. But last night was the first time he’d ever been pooped on at a dinner party. Thanks for keeping it classy, Munchkin. 😛

Juliette is very excited about her new book!

Juliette is very excited about her new book!

Fifteen months

Look who's 15 months old already!

Look who’s 15 months old already!

Life seems to be speeding along now, with barely time to catch our breath between one milestone and another. Nevertheless, we always try to take the time to pause and capture the monthly milestones.

Juliette’s changing every day, becoming more and more independent — physically, as she learns to walk and maneuver her way through the world; and intellectually, as she wants to do more and more herself, exercising her ‘free will’.

This is mostly good news, but it means that the stubbornness and tantrums have begun in earnest. Yes, even the daycare teacher agrees — we seem to have entered the ‘terrible twos’ about nine months early.

Normally we only put one photo up of Juliette at her monthly milestones, but she was making some faces too cute to keep to ourselves. So we added them, too.

Cheeky smile

Cheeky smile

That tickles!

That tickles!

Happy camper

Happy camper

Skinned knees

Learning to walk: it's not for wimps!

Learning to walk: it’s not for wimps!

We promise we’re not bad parents. Please don’t turn us into Child Protective Services just because our daughter is covered in bumps and scratches.

Learning to walk is tough, and doesn’t come without its fair share of falling down.


An afternoon with Sandro & Virginie

Introducing... Émile!  Finally a chance to meet the little guy

Introducing… Émile! Finally a chance to meet the little guy

Why yes, I am interested in the new toy that you have to offer....

Why yes, I am interested in the new toy that you have to offer….

Wow!  New toys ROCK!

Wow! New toys ROCK!

Juliette and Émile are practically twins. Two years ago, Émile’s parents had called us to tell us their good news: they were pregnant. We were just about to call them to tell them exactly the same news. Juliette and Émile were born within days of one another, but it’s taken them fifteen months to finally meet one another in the flesh.

We had a great time at Sandro & Virginie’s, with loads of friends to play with and lots of new toys to explore. What a fun way to spend the afternoon!


It’s nearly Shrove Tuesday, and time to try crêpes for the first time! Mom decided to show off her French cooking skills and whipped up a whole batch of crêpes for the whole family.