Love is blind

Funny thing, children. Back at the grandparents’ house, Juliette’s grandmother had pulled out some of Aude’s old dolls for Juliette to play with, for her to practice being a big sister. One of the dolls had previously been “decorated” by Aude, which goes a long way towards explaining her delicate touch with make-up today. The poor doll looked like something from the “corner of unloved toys” in Toy Story, a cross between Chucky and a plasticine street-walker.

Never mind. Juliette loved her all the same.

A doll previously "decorated" by Aude as a child

A doll previously “decorated” by Aude as a child

Juliette takes her pick

Juliette takes her pick

"I don't care if she's strange looking.  I'll love her all the same," says big sister Juliette.

“I don’t care if she’s strange looking. I’ll love her all the same,” says big sister Juliette.

New additions

We are slowly getting Juliette used to the idea that there will be a new addition to the family before too long. We are talking a lot about being a big sister, and Mom and Dad are explaining that there will be a new baby in the house soon.

We’re also spending lots of time saying hello to the new baby. Giving the baby a hug is one of Juliette’s favorite things to do. Let’s hope she still feels that way when it’s finally here!

Juliette says hello to the new baby that's in Mommy's belly

Juliette says hello to the new baby that’s in Mommy’s belly

Fun in the sun

It’s Easter week, and that means it’s time for our regular trip down to the south of France to spend the week with her grandparents. Juliette was an angel in the car for the long drive (and Dad will never regret spending extra for the in-car DVD player, which kept Juliette entertained for hours).

The weather has been beautiful — sunny and clear, with just a light breeze. It’s not quite warm enough to swim yet (the water is 18C) but it’s enough to splash about. Juliette took her first trip to the beach yesterday, and seemed delighted at having discovered the world’s biggest sandbox.

Last time she was here, she wasn’t crawling yet. This time, Mom and Dad are getting a lot more exercise as they run around after Juliette.

Playing by the pool

Playing by the pool

Reaching for the sky!

Reaching for the sky!

Run, Minouche, run!

Run, Minouche, run!

Checking out the new house

Mom and Dad took a trip to the new house this weekend to check out the progress. Now that the temporary staircases are installed, Juliette could come upstairs for the first time. We visited the whole house, and Juliette was particularly excited to discover her bedroom.

Mom and Dad think that the new house might suit Juliette very well. In addition to having a beautiful bedroom with plenty of space to play and a wonderful view, the new house has loads of space outside for Juliette to play. She was happy-as-a-clam walking up and down the driveway (a pretty long walk when you’ve only got little legs) and exploring all of the new things in the forest that she could play with.

After all that exercise, she had to sit down for a little bit.

Chillin' out on the driveway

Chillin’ out on the driveway