Feeding the ducks

Juliette loves her new house, and she’s really enjoying all that countryside life has to offer. Every morning, we have a family of seven ducks (Mom, Dad and five babies) that comes to visit our pond. Juliette says ‘hello’ to the ducks every morning when she wakes up, and she waves goodbye when we head off to daycare each day.

Dad spent the whole day tackling the land with a mower so that we had a path to the upper pond. We bought a feeder, and Juliette is now responsible for taking the stale bread out to the feeder each day to feed the ducks. It’s a fun job to do together!

Juliette and Dad set up a new feeding stand for their ducks

Juliette and Dad set up a new feeding stand for their ducks

20 months old

After a short break, normal service on Juliette’s blog is back! The house is (more or less) complete, the move is behind us, internet has been installed, and Dad has finally managed to find the box labelled ‘camera’. So, without further ado, here is our twenty-month old munchkin!

Guess who's 20 months old?!

Guess who’s 20 months old?!

Keep your shirt on!

There has been a quiet spell on Juliette’s website recently, partly because Mom and Dad have been very busy moving into the new house, and partly because there is no internet access at the new house yet. So you’ll have to wait a little longer for the main Juliette updates.

If there was an update today, though, it would probably show a picture of a naked Juliette. So it’s just as well that Dad hasn’t got his camera. Because Juliette’s latest trick is that she has discovered how to undress herself.

In the past few days, she worked out how to unzip her pyjamas. That was interesting enough, and Mom and Dad would come in to find her unzipped to the waist.

This morning, though, Mom went into the bedroom to discover that Juliette had managed to totally strip off her pyjamas and was sitting there in just her diaper, presumably looking pretty proud of herself.

World’s greatest babysitter

Juliette wants to say a huge thank you to Neil and Anne Laure for being such a great babysitters over the past weekend. Mom and Dad have been frantically getting all the last details in place for the big move to the new house, and Juliette thought it was best to get out of their hair for a while during the main packing event.

She had a great time playing with Emile, and she overheard Mom and Dad saying how grateful they were for a few uninterrupted hours of packing time. She also heard them say that they’ll be happy to repay the favor.

Babysitter extraordinaire!

Babysitter extraordinaire!