Snapping beans with Mami

hangi slot oyunu kazandırır Mami is here for a few weeks to lend a hand around the house while everyone gets settled in with the new baby. She’s also taking the opportunity to spend plenty of time with her grand-daughter. Today they went for a nice walk to both ponds, then up the hill to visit the deer in the pasture above the house. After that, it was time for some indoor activities — like learning how to snap green beans! Tough work when you’ve only got tiny little fingers.

Someone is very smiley!

slot makinesi satış Someone is very smiley!

Learning how to snap green beans with Mami

free casino oyunları Learning how to snap green beans with Mami

Getting the hang of it...

follow site Getting the hang of it…

2 thoughts on “Snapping beans with Mami”

  1. Absolutely precious. So wonderful for her to have a grandmother willing and able to be so hands on. She will cherish these memories forever.

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