So considerate

alkemors tower betsoft slot bedava oyna Juliette’s a very considerate little girl. Being around two children had obviously taken it’s toll on Grandpa, who decided to sneak in a little catnap while he had the chance. Not only was Juliette as quiet as a mouse while he was sleeping, she also decided that he needed to be looked after properly — a blanket across his legs to keep him warm, and a stuffed bunny for company. ­čÖé

All tucked up for a little nap

konya gazino oyun havalar─▒ All tucked up for a little nap

Look who’s walking!

oyun makinalar─▒ izmir Alex might have been a little slow to learn how to sit up on his own, but once he started learning, things took off quickly. From sitting to crawling happened almost overnight, and now he’s already taking his first tentative steps (with a little help from Mom, Dad, or whatever piece of furniture is nearest).

It won’t be long before he’s running around after his big sister…

Solid foods

Alexandre is starting to try solid foods, but he’s not completely convinced. Smooth purees are OK, but anything remotely more solid than that is a definite no-no!