Different temperaments

http://www.teknobulut.net/slot-makinesi-fiyatlar.html There are days when I can’t believe how different our kids are. Alex is basically a little ‘Vlad the Destroyer’ whose favorite pastime is to destroy things. Whether it’s emptying an entire basket of toys, playfully knocking over towers of carefully stacked blocks, or tearing his books into little pieces, he’s happiest when he’s taking things apart rather than putting them together.

https://www.agcpgolf.com/kng-candy-crush-saga-oyna.html Not Juliette. Since the beginning, she’s been careful and meticulous. As soon as I walked in and saw her cards on the table, I knew immediately who’d been playing there. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Different temperaments”

  1. para kazandıran casino oyunları Aha! I see the number two card is ESCARGOT. Bet you didn’t even recognize that! It happens to be the first big surprise that you gave me after you were born. While in Severna Park, MD., having lunch with you and your mom, you ordered escargot (just a wee one, you were). The waitress asked if you happened to know what they were. You quickly retorted, “yes, they are snails”. I believe I have already shared that with you a dozen or so times.

    source site Yes, Juliette is a neat-nick. Alexandre, on the other hand, will be a Construction Engineer! Ha!

    Love, Aunt Joan

  2. Juliette hasn’t tried escargot yet, but I’m sure it can’t be far off now. I can’t believe that Aude had to meet a Yank to introduce her to frogs’ legs — she’d never tried them before she met me. Don’t believe the stereotypes!

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