Dance recital

Getting ready to head out the door for Juliette’s dance recital, Papa took the time to heed an age-old rule for parents: when the kids are dressed up and before they get a chance to get dirty, get out the camera! So here are a few pictures we snapped of Juliette before she headed out the door for the big show.

Our cutie

Ready to go

Easter Sunday

Even the cold, wet, grey start to Easter morning couldn’t wipe the smiles off the kids’ faces when they discovered their Easter baskets. Mama and Papa had already been a little generous with the candy this year, and when the grandparents arrived with even more chocolates, their little baskets overfloweth. They weren’t complaining, though.

Easter chick.

Alexandre decided to give his bunny a lick from top-to-bottom to avoid any ownership disputes later on. That’s one way to avoid sharing with your sister.

Has anyone seen an Easter bunny?

Happy kiddo

A beautiful spring day

Today was a perfect spring day. Cloudless skies, warm sunshine and just the right weather to be outside in shirt sleeves. We took the opportunity to make the most of it — all morning playing outside, lunch on the terrace, a quick afternoon siesta, then back outside to enjoy spring sunshine.

Days like these are rare. Best to enjoy them while we can.

The cheeky is strong with this one

Enjoying the sunshine

In parenting circles, this is technically known as “monkey see, monkey do”

Ice Cream

With the warmer weather coming, it’s time for ice cream after lunch. Eat a little bit, wear a little bit.

What a hipster, with his chocolate goatee

Give her a pair of glasses and we’ve got Groucho Marx