A good day

It’s been a while since Papa has updated the kids’ blog. Life gets busy and it’s hard to find the time to mark down all the memories you’d like to. There are photographs set to one side, ready to be eventually uploaded with their commentary when the fullness of time allows.

But there are also the fleeting memories. These, if not captured when they’re fresh, are likely to be lost over time. But they’re some of the best memories of parenthood, some of the happiest moments, and it would be a shame if they were lost without so much as a footnote.

Alexandre started school two weeks ago. It’s been tough-going. Potty-training has been coming along more slowly than we’d like, meaning that most days are marked with an accident or two.

Yesterday, Alexandre came home with a sticker. This is a big moment. Stickers are given out with strict moderation, reserved for children who have done something particularly exceptional that day. In this case, Alex came home with a sticker for having an overall good day, but also for coming home without having an accident. I’m not sure who was more proud, Papa or Alex.

I watched Alex go into his bedroom tonight. On one hand, he’s a little boy, not yet sure of himself and with so much to learn. On the other hand, he’s getting tall and independent, and it’s clear that our toddler years are over.

One of the saddest things I ever read was this: one day, you’ll pick up your child and put them down again. And that will be the last time you ever pick your child up. You can’t say exactly when it will be, but it will happen, and then that chapter will be finished.

We aren’t there yet, and I’m immensely proud of my children growing up. But I’m also a little bit sad about the part of them that’s being left behind. This is the part of parenthood they warn you about, but you have to live through to really appreciate.

3 years old

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that we were marking Alex’s first steps and watching him toddle across the floor; now he’s celebrating his third birthday and getting ready to start school.

Make a wish!