A few snaps

The kids are getting bigger, and it’s been a while since Papa has pulled out his camera to take a few photos. He’s making up for lost time…

Alexandre does his impression of the Easter bunny

That’s definitely the face of someone up to no good…

Easter Sunday

Time for Easter with the kids, who are still filled with the magic of the Easter bunny. Juliette has it all worked out.

“How does the Easter bunny get into the house?” she asked. “Oh, I know,” she said, “he uses the same magic key as Santa Claus and Saint Nicolas. They all live in the same village – I know, because I saw it from the window of our Kinderhotel.” She described to Papa how how the three would pass the keys back and forth as needed, and how all three were always on the lookout and knew whether the children were being naughty or nice.

The kids woke up to Easter baskets filled with chocolates and some wonderful presents from Alexandre’s godfather. After a traditional lunch of roast lamb, potatoes and flageolets, we decided to spend the afternoon decorating eggs.