Happy birthday, Papa!

After celebrating Alexandre’s birthday, it was very shortly time to celebrate Papa’s birthday. The kids made some wonderful presents and we celebrated with a piece of cake!

Happy birthday!

Luckily they only put one candle on the cake, or we’d have to have the fire crew on hand…

Papa celebrates his birthday with the kids

Happy 4th birthday, Alex!

Time to celebrate Alexandre’s fourth birthday. Nothing like a dozen four-year olds, loaded to the gills with sugar, running around the place like madmen to give Maman and Papa the nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon they deserve after a hard week at work, right?

Actually, credit to the kids. They mostly burned off their energy playing outside, and when the cake came out, they sat around the table quietly, waiting to be served. Papa even remarked at the time that he was astonished how well-behaved this group of kids was. Certainly less rowdy than some of the dinner parties we’ve thrown for grown-ups at our place.

Presents, presents galore. The next few days will require extra vigilance to avoid stepping on one of the million pieces of Lego scattered around the house.

All of Alexandre’s favorite characters were here — PJ Masks and Spiderman on the table

Comic-book themed popcorn

Samsam was the birthday-cake hero this year

The birthday boy tucks into some popcorn

That’s one heck of a candle! Hope you brought your super-powers to blow it out!

This much sugar + this many small children = this won’t end well