Our visit to Paris – Day 3

Day three started out dry and sunny, if not particularly warm. On the schedule for today was a canal cruise through Paris, finally ending up at the Cite des Sciences et de L’lndustrie where we had some lunch and then visited the museum. The kids had a wonderful time, their only complaint being that the visit was too short. Tickets were strictly limited to 90 minutes, then we were unceremoniously herded out.

Dinner was at a tiny but fantastic Korean restaurant called Sobane, where the food really punched above its weight. We had a delicious meal and the kids absolutely loved the food, not only cleaning off their plates, but helping themselves to much of what was on Maman and Papa’s plates as well.

It was Halloween night, and the big excitement happened as we were leaving the restaurant the restaurant. Juliette spotted someone driving down the street in a mask, and she smiled and waved at him. He waved back… and ran right into the car in front of him. A man in a suit jumped out of the car in front, and proceeded to yell at the guy who had just run into him (still wearing his mask) while we did our best not to look like “contributing factors.” In the end, no damage was done and everyone drove off — but we had witnessed a real ‘Paris moment’ and had a good story for later!

When we got home, I asked Alexandre whether he liked Paris. His response: “J’aime Paris, mais je veux retourner à Ferrette.” (“I like Paris, but I want to go home to Ferrette.”)

Getting ready for our canal cruise

Maman and Juliette have gone full-on hipster, drinking out of mason jars

Discovering careers, and perhaps saving Papa a fortune in university tuition along the way

Alexandre takes charge of the blocks

There was a fantastic computer program where the kids could design artwork and it was then projected on the big screen. This was Juliette’s creation.

Korean food for dinner. The kids ate so much that Maman and Papa left hungry.

Our visit to Paris – Day 2

Day two of our visit to Paris kicked off with a visit to the Musee des Arts Forains where we got to see lots of old fairground attractions and even ride on a few. Despite the cold, rainy weather, we were able to enjoy a lot of the exhibits inside and had a couple of carousel rides.

Having eaten Indian food the night before, we stumbled upon a Five Guys burger restaurant outside the museum, and for the first time in his life, Papa got to try the famous Five Guys burger. Verdict? A little greasy, but not a bad burger, and the fries were out-of-this-world. Which, at €7 a portion, they should be.

Papa doesn’t get a chance to eat much ethnic food in Alsace, so when he was in Paris, he was determined to introduce the kids to as many different cultures and flavors as he could find. Tonight, it was time to try a Lebanese feast at Aux Cedres du Nord. The kids approved!

At the Musee des Arts Forains

At the Musee des Arts Forains

Lebanese food was a big hit. Not sure that we ordered enough!

Our visit to Paris – Day 1

The kids are finally old enough for their first visit to Paris, a city that they know from many films but have never experienced themselves. The first stop, without doubt, had to be the most famous site of them all — the Eiffel tower. And across from the Eiffel tower, there was a carousel — irresistible to any kid.

Unfortunately the weather was grey and very cold, so the afternoon called for an indoor activity — luckily, the Paris Aquarium was just a short walk from the Eiffel tower. A good start to our visit to Paris!

Riding the carousel in front of the Eiffel tower

Riding the carousel in front of the Eiffel tower

Our two little Eiffel towers

Alex is owning it!

Family portrait in front of the Eiffel tower. Minus the photographer, of course!

Found Nemo.

Juliette petting the fish