Juliette’s sixth birthday

The years are beginning to pass more quickly than Papa would prefer. It seems like we were just celebrating Juliette’s fifth birthday, and like that, it’s time to celebrate her sixth. She has grown up so much in the last year it’s hard to believe it’s the same little girl. She’s reading and writing, becoming more independent with a mind of her own.

She’s a little jealous that she hasn’t started losing her teeth yet (although it makes for nicer photos, Papa must admit), but I guarantee that by the time her seventh birthday rolls around she’ll be missing a few teeth and eating a lot of soup.

A very smiley, very happy birthday girl
Mom spared no expense on the candles this year. Everyone survived with eyebrows intact.
Having a good time!
Juliette’s checking out her cake.
Time to get started on the presents.
There are quite a few presents!
There are even a couple of presents for Alexandre.
Reading time.
Fairy princess.

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