About Juliette

Juliette was born to her very proud parents, Matthew & Aude, on 23 December 2012. Weighing 3.58kg and measuring 53cm long, she’s already at the cutting edge of technology with her own blog so that her friends and family can keep up with her as she grows.

Lookout world!  Here I come!

Lookout world! Here I come!

3 thoughts on “About Juliette

  1. Juliette is quite cute and also quite lucky to have a comedian for a father. We of course could use more news on mom as well. Given Juliette’s status as “cute” in spite of her father, she gets her own spot in the favorites list! Hugs and kisses to all in Switzerland….or can you now escape because the successful photo shoot has actually resulted in a passport? We had the same fun with Daniella, two passports, one photo op!

  2. I could just “eat that baby up with a spoon” !!! She is s o o o o o o precious and very expressive. In other words, SHE’S A KEEPER! I guess she is a package deal with father, mother and a bit of poop here and there. Bravo to father for keeping her feet out of “it” while changing her diaper! Be patient Juliette—–you know they’re new parents. Cut them some slack. Love you baby, Nancy

  3. What a wonderful Christmas present you were! Your eyes are beautiful…like both grandmothers, it seems. Now just a thought from an acquaintance of mine who shares your Dec 23 birthday…as you get older, consider celebrating your half birthday in the summer. All best wishes to you, Juliette, and to your family as well. Beverly Compton

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