Toilet training

There are many fond moments that I will remember in parenthood, but toilet training is not one of them. Papa will be very happy when this stage is behind us. Alexandre has a remarkable ability to deny the need to use the toilet until the second you put a diaper on him. Then he puts on his “deep thinking” face and delivers us a little present…

Life with a toddler

Margot l’escargot

This was Alexandre’s weekend with Margot l’escargot. Margot is the French-speaking cousin of Kaptain Blaubaer and die Maus. These class mascots come home with the children for one weekend a year, and we record what we do in their scrapbook. It gives the chance for the kids to tell their stories to the rest of the class and helps them practice speaking in public.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great weekend for Alexandre. He spent half of the weekend sick with a gastro and a fever. Luckily, he recovered — he was able to get out to enjoy a pizza, get his hair cut, play in the unexpected late spring snow, and have a day out at Centerkids, the kids’ indoor play center. Not a bad weekend, after all…

The weekend didn’t start off too welll…

…but it got better as time went on!

Kaptain Blaubaer

This was Alexandre’s weekend to bring home Kaptain Blaubaer, the class mascot. Each child gets to bring the mascot home one weekend a year, and they get to fill his scrapbook with pictures of their weekend together. Luckily, Papa’s uncle Bob was in town from the US, so there was plenty to write about.

Great uncle Bob was in town for lots of fun

Nutella crepes!

Galette des rois

One of the traditions that we follow in France that’s unusual for most Americans is the ‘Galette des rois’, or King’s Cake, which is traditionally eaten on the festival of Epiphany. Since Grandpa was leaving the next day, we decided to eat our galette a little early this year.

The tradition works like this: inside the cake, there is a small decoration, and whoever gets this decoration in their piece of cake becomes the king or queen. If you’re not careful and bite down onto the decoration, you might find yourself with a different sort of crown: the one provided by the dentist!

The youngest child crawls under the table and the cake is cut into pieces. The child under the table then (without being able to see the cake) determines which piece of cake goes to which person. The winner is whoever finds the decoration, and they get to be king. This year, it was Grandpa’s lucky day, and he got to wear the crown!

Grandpa became the King

The King chooses his Queen

A Prince in waiting

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 featured PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, and a few other favorites. Our weather was a little more mild than usual, so no white Christmas this year, but the kids didn’t seem to mind a bit. All the grandparents were here for a traditional family Christmas.

Plenty of presents under the tree! Alexandre and Juliette must have been good this year.

The face of ‘Christmas wonder’

Checking out what’s under the tree

Our own little Gecko

Who doesn’t love Playmobil?


Grandpa takes in the action

A few new CDs to listen to

Juliette’s present sack is nearly as big as she is

That looks an awful lot like Owlette from PJ Masks

Juliette transforms into an elf

Alex in his Santa hat

Five years old!

One advantage of having a birthday near Christmas is that you usually get to spend it with your whole family. This year is no exception, and Juliette has all of her grandparents here with her to help her celebrate her fifth birthday!

How old are you today, Juliette?

Pretty excited about cake

Learning to tell time with her new watch

Juliette and Maminette

Juliette with her Maman

Guess who got a big bike for her birthday?