Easter Sunday

uomo cerca uomo Padova Time for Easter with the kids, who are still filled with the magic of the Easter bunny. Juliette has it all worked out.

uomo cerca donna Bolzano “How does the Easter bunny get into the house?” she asked. “Oh, I know,” she said, “he uses the same magic key as Santa Claus and Saint Nicolas. They all live in the same village – I know, because I saw it from the window of our Kinderhotel.” She described to Papa how how the three would pass the keys back and forth as needed, and how all three were always on the lookout and knew whether the children were being naughty or nice.

uomo cerca donna Potenza The kids woke up to Easter baskets filled with chocolates and some wonderful presents from Alexandre’s godfather. After a traditional lunch of roast lamb, potatoes and flageolets, we decided to spend the afternoon decorating eggs.


Alex loves to unpack things. One item at a time. I think his favorite part of the week is a Saturday morning, when Juliette is at school and Papa brings home the shopping. He gets to have the shopping all to himself, and he takes each item out one-by-one. Which would be an enormous help if he actually knew where everything went, but he doesn’t.

So you end up with frozen peas next to the flour. And beer cans nestled in among the pots and pans. Most of the time, though, he just hands you things and let’s you do the hard work of putting them where they actually belong.

Today, friends sent over a big bag of quinces from their tree. Alex was in heaven.

(as an aside: sometimes it feels to us like Alex lives his whole life at the speed of this video!)

Les vacances

Summer vacation may officially be over, but the weather has turned unseasonably warm and sunny, so it still feels a little bit like vacation. The kids decided to spend their weekend playing outside. So much for Papa’s dreams of a prize lawn!

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

Today is a very special day. Not only is it Father’s Day in France, but it’s also Grandpa’s 75th birthday. Since we couldn’t spend the day with him in person, the least we could do was send over our best wishes for a very happy celebration.

We also learned that there’s truth in the Hollywood saying about working with children and animals. 🙂